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He has a specialist interest in the imaging of ribs and the chest wall and has helped refine and improve techniques in dynamic ultrasound of the ribs and thorax.


Dr Abbasi works closely with thoracic surgical experts to help characterise complex chest wall problems. He has scanned a large number of patients from across the globe and helped to identify a wide range of previously undiagnosed chest wall and rib pathologies.  


He is dedicated to developing novel techniques  to assess and monitor a wide range of chest wall and rib conditions to help guide treatment. 

Dr Ali Abbasi is a Bupa Platinum Consultant in recognition of the high-quality care he provides. 

Dr Ali Abbasi qualified from St George’s Hospital Medical School, London in 2003 and then entered surgical training with an interest in cardiothoracic surgery, and attained Membership in the Royal College of Surgeons.

He trained in Clinical Radiology in London and gained a Fellowship from the Royal College of Radiologists before commencing subspecialist training in musculoskeletal Imaging. 


He is a Consultant Radiologist at University College London Hospital, where he was the Clinical Lead for MR Imaging and is the Lead Radiologist for the Multiple Myeloma service. 


Dr Abbasi has a passion for high-quality diagnostic musculoskeletal imaging with Ultrasound, CT and MR including advanced techniques such as Whole Body MR and Dynamic Ultrasound.

Dr M Ali Abbasi FRCR

Founder, Rib Imaging

Registration & Regulation

Our CQC registration is a testament to our commitment to safety, efficacy, and superior patient care.

For our patients, this means peace of mind. You can trust that the care you receive is not only innovative and expertly delivered but also regulated under stringent standards.

Our Pillars

Clinical Excellence

Rib Imaging is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalised care, tailored to each patient's unique needs.


Harnessing the power of advanced, optimised imaging technologies, we ensure precision in diagnosis and treatment.


Our commitment extends to guiding you along your diagnostic journey, working hand-in-hand with our partner clinicians to deliver the pinnacle of patient care.

Clarity & Direction

Benefitting from our clinical expertise, we provide unparalleled diagnostic accuracy for clear insights into your health.


Transparency is at the heart of our care, involving you in the diagnostic journey and sharing all imaging for a comprehensive understanding of your condition.


We collaborate with you, guiding your informed decisions, and helping you navigate your healthcare journey with certainty.

Continued Improvement

Embracing continuous improvement, we regularly reassess our practice based on new insights and scientific findings.


Staying at the forefront of research in chest wall diagnostics and treatments, we amalgamate our imaging expertise, engineering skills, and in-depth pathophysiological understanding to untangle the complexities of chest wall and rib conditions.

Mr Hunt

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon

Rib Imaging has a longstanding and established relationship with Mr Ian Hunt, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon and we continue to work very closely with him to help provide the highest quality care and unique insights to our patients.


Mr Hunt is one of most experienced specialists in the management of complex chest wall and rib problems. 

Mr Dunning

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon

Mr Dunning is a Thoracic Surgeon who has a specialist interest in a wide range of complex chest and lung pathologies.


Mr Dunning has experience in the management of rib pathologies including slipping rib syndrome and we work closely to provide support and treatment to patients.

Harley Street Ultrasound Group

A high-quality diagnostic ultrasound clinic based in the centre of the world-famous Harley Street Medical District. We perform all Dynamic Thoracic Ultrasounds at this clinic and are able to share all of your images and reports directly to your devices.

Chenies Mews Imaging Centre

The Chenies Mews Imaging Centre located in Central London is one of the UK's most state-of-the-art independent MRI scanning facilities. We are able to share all of your images directly to your devices. We perform our specialist dynamic thoracic MRI at this centre.

Queen Square Imaging Centre

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is a specialist diagnostic imaging centre, conveniently located less than 10 min walk from our Until Soho site . The centre boasts the most advanced MR and CT machines with AI technology. We perform our CT and MR on this site

until soho

Until Soho

Our newest clinic is based in the heart of London. We boast world-class facilities on site including our newest, most advanced Canon Aplio i-series Prism ultrasound machine with AI technology. We are able to share all imaging and reports directly to your devices for your convenience and security

Our Clinics

Our Partner Consultants

Clinical Excellence

We deliver the highest quality, personalised care for all our patients which is tailored to your needs.


We ensure that we use the most advanced technologies which have been optimised and calibrated to produce the highest quality images.  


We provide you with support along your diagnostic pathway and aim to individualise your care. This includes working closely with our partner clinicians to ensure you receive the best quality care. 

Clarity & Direction

We leverage all of our clinical expertise and experience to provide you with diagnostic accuracy and clarity.


We maintain an open and transparent approach to your care, involving you with our diagnostic pathways and sharing all of your imaging with you so that you have a clearer understanding of your problem. 


We work with you to help you to make an informed decision about your care and guide you through the next best steps.

Continued Improvement

We continually review our practice in light of new observations and findings.


We actively remain abreast of research developments in the anatomy, diagnostics and therapeutics of chest wall problems. 


We combine our skills in medical imaging and engineering with our understanding of pathophysiology to understand the complexities of the chest wall and rib conditions.

Our Pillars

Dr Ali Abbasi is the only person in the county I trust to investigate patients with suspected slipping rib syndrome.

Every patient who sees him tells me how meticulous he is and how well he explains his discoveries. He always goes the extra mile and contacts me within 24hrs to keep me in the loop with his findings. 

Mr Joel Dunning

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon

I have worked with Dr Ali Abbasi for quite a few years building up a wealth of experience in chest wall problems. He has become an internationally recognised musculoskeletal radiology expert and, certainly in the UK, the leading radiologist in this field. I could not rate him higher. He is an exceptional colleague. 

Mr Ian Hunt

Consultant Thoracic Surgeon


Private Medical Insurance

Rib Imaging is approved to treat patients insured with several renowned Private Medical Insurance Companies.

Helping patients recover from chronic rib and chest pain.

Dr M Ali Abbasi FRCR 

About Rib Imaging

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