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The Leading Rib Imaging Specialists

Strategically positioned to accommodate specific services, our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic technologies, reflecting our commitment to providing top-tier care.

Our Locations & Facilities

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Explore the advanced equipment, welcoming environment and patient-focused spaces at Until Soho that embody our dedication to excellence in healthcare.

Elegant Changing Rooms

Beautifully designed to give you an uplifting and pleasurable experience before and after your appointment.

Cutting-edge Rehabilitation Equipment

Access the very best equipment from around the world, with integrated performance technology that gives us the ability to better track and assess your progress.

Design-led Therapy Rooms

Our therapy and coaching rooms are designed to be the perfect mix of comfort and functionality, enabling us to discuss your treatment in a cosy environment. 

Luxurious Treatment Rooms

Our premium treatment rooms have been expertly designed to help us deliver a better experience for your journey to recovery.

Nestled within lively Soho, our Rib Imaging clinic at Until Soho Centre combines high-quality diagnostic services with exceptional facilities. Inside, our cutting-edge equipment is ready for our skilled team to deliver precise diagnostics and treatments.


Our clinic offers a relaxed atmosphere, ensuring your comfort and privacy. With a wealth of local amenities close by, our Soho location not only provides first-rate healthcare but also a taste of the vibrant local culture. Welcome to Rib Imaging at Until Soho.

Rib Imaging

@ Until Soho

Aplio i-series / Prism Edition: the forefront of ultrasound technology. 

Clinical Excellence

We deliver the highest quality, personalised care for all our patients which is tailored to your needs.


We ensure that we use the most advanced technologies which have been optimised and calibrated to produce the highest quality images.  


We provide you with support along your diagnostic pathway and aim to individualise your care. This includes working closely with our partner clinicians to ensure you receive the best quality care. 

Clarity & Direction

We leverage all of our clinical expertise and experience to provide you with diagnostic accuracy and clarity.


We maintain an open and transparent approach to your care, involving you with our diagnostic pathways and sharing all of your imaging with you so that you have a clearer understanding of your problem. 


We work with you to help you to make an informed decision about your care and guide you through the next best steps.

Continued Improvement

We continually review our practice in light of new observations and findings.


We actively remain abreast of research developments in the anatomy, diagnostics and therapeutics of chest wall problems. 


We combine our skills in medical imaging and engineering with our understanding of pathophysiology to understand the complexities of the chest wall and rib conditions.

Our Pillars

View All of Our Clinics

Harley Street Ultrasound Group

A high-quality diagnostic ultrasound clinic based in the centre of the world-famous Harley Street Medical District. We perform all Dynamic Thoracic Ultrasounds at this clinic and are able to share all of your images and reports directly to your devices.

Chenies Mews Imaging Centre

The Chenies Mews Imaging Centre located in Central London is one of the UK's most state-of-the-art independent MRI scanning facilities. We are able to share all of your images directly to your devices. We perform our specialist dynamic thoracic MRI at this centre.

Queen Square Imaging Centre

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is a specialist diagnostic imaging centre, conveniently located less than 10 min walk from our Until Soho site . The centre boasts the most advanced MR and CT machines with AI technology. We perform our CT and MR on this site

until soho

Until Soho

Our newest clinic is based in the heart of London. We boast world-class facilities on site including our newest, most advanced Canon Aplio i-series Prism ultrasound machine with AI technology. We are able to share all imaging and reports directly to your devices for your convenience and security

Registration & Regulation

Our CQC registration is a testament to our commitment to safety, efficacy, and superior patient care.

For our patients, this means peace of mind. You can trust that the care you receive is not only innovative and expertly delivered but also regulated under stringent standards.

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